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‘’We offer dynamic management solutions that free you from the burdens associated with manual processing and allows you to work freely, safely and productively’’


Agromex Agro Industrial Management Software

AGROMEX adapts to any activity agro-industrial sector by radically simplifying the processing of information, data backup ... it is specialized to manage the process of production of agro-industrial products (coffee, cocoa rice, cashew..) including machining, production, inventory management.

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Agrix Software management of agricultural cooperatives and traceability

Both very flexible and comprehensive, designed primarily to meet the many administrative requirements agrix is the tool of powerful analysis and decision-making culture plots since planting ,evacuations until export.

Menu: File - Supplier - monitoring of plantations - Reception - Stock - For Sale - Distribution of premiums - summary - Tools.

Gesparc-auto Software for car fleet management

This software management will allow you to record, manage and consult all information concerning your car fleet efficiently and quickly. It is suitable for both commercial company and retail and large transport companies. Whether you have a car park 3 or 1000 vehicles to manage, we have a solution that will meet your expectations.

Menu: Monitoring and maintenance of vehicles - Payroll drivers - monitoring of revenues

Softcompta Management of general and analytical accounting.

SOFTCOMPTA making easy your accounting transactions and allows you to record faster and more accurately in order to you avoid mistakes.
SOFTCOMPTA manages analytical and general accounting, it takes into account the subject of balance and also export movements in xlsx format, txt, cds ...

Menu: File - Structure - Treatment - report - summary - Tools

Contrat Software management and monitoring of contracts and invoicing

This application of management of contrat helps you accurately predict your future income and the services required by assessing seamlessly performance of your services and the financial return of each of your contrats. It brings together your various service activities and support within a single integrated services cycle life, while leveraging each of your service activities.

Menu: File - Treatment - Tools - Report

Réel School management software and monitoring schedules.

REEL is a management software for all school levels: elementary, middle, high school, college, institute, university ... It lets you dynamically creating educational classes, enrollment management and admissions students, planning classrooms, monitoring reports and notes of students and monitoring of payments for private schools, monitoring absences

Menu: File - Employee - Student - Message - Schedule - Stock - Accounting - Tools.

Manager Payroll software and HR management. humaines

MANAGER is designed for companies of all sectors and accounting firms who wish finally find a payroll software and management really powerful and simple setting of use as human resources, so effective and easy to deploy.

Menu: Automatic generation of reports - HRM-social balance - Development topics payroll-DSA-301 STATE1

Pelican Management software through the automatic weighing scales

Management software of inputs / outputs truck on weighbridge.
PELICAN The software is designed to manage the flow of materials on road weighbridge automatically via control terminal band and / or by an operator for manual mode.

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Gescod Commercial management software.

GESCOD is a business management software that works in single-user and network with management for multiple users. Inventory, sales, purchasing, customers, suppliers, payment of customers and suppliers , inputs and outputs manuelles. This software includes all the elements needed to manage your business

Menu: File - Purchase - stock - Sale - Report managements - Tools.

Tophotel Software managements of hotel businesses

TOPHOTEL was developed in order to facilitate the management of the hotel room reservations. Easy to use and features a clear and intuitive interface, this application will let you save time by booking a schedule and allow you to view the status of your room (free / busy) and print your reservations.

Menu: File - Reservation - accommodation - stock - invoicing.

Tva Reporting software automatic tax Vat

Dispose a single software to quickly enter your tax slips. Ask your bank accounts, to divide the dates on three accounts, and archive forms.

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